Commission for planning

The commission for planning in the field of water at the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR was established in 2003. The commission coordinates water planning activities at the national level, it discusses and approves procedures, methodologies and documents of the planning process, which are then used for specific activities related to the preparation of plans. The commission's task is to assist institutions involved in the planning process.

The members of the commission are not only the representatives of the central water authorities, regional authorities, regions, entities ordering the river basin district plans, but also the representatives of other participating entities, including professional and non-government organisations.

The entity ordering the Odra river basin district plan set up a commission for the Odra river basin district, which is its advisory body. The objective of this commission is to control the planning process, to coordinate the work and to cooperate at the level of the river basin district and to provide support related to the provision of documents. The commission consists of the following:

  • river basin authority - Povodí Odry, státní podnik
  • representatives of the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions
  • representatives of the regional authorities of the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions
  • representatives of MŽP, ČHMÚ, VÚV, AOPK, ČRS, WWF, MKOOpZ, ČIŽP, KHS
  • river administrators (LČR, ZVHS)
  • representatives of important companies (SmVaK a.s., MITTAL STEEL, KARBON INVEST)

The members of the commission

Act Commission for Odra river basin district

Date Invitation Attendance list Proceeding
1.11.2007 Invitation Roll Proceeding
23.03.2007 Invitation Roll Proceeding
27.10.2006 Invitation Roll Proceeding
08.06.2006 Invitation Roll Proceeding
09.03.2006 Invitation Roll Proceeding
02.12.2005 Invitation Roll Proceeding
06.10.2005 Invitation Roll Proceeding
02.06.2005 Invitation Roll Proceeding
04.11.2004 Invitation Roll Proceeding
02.09.2004 Invitation Roll Proceeding
11.05.2004 Invitation Roll Proceeding
05.02.2004 Invitation Roll Proceeding
02.09.2003 Invitation Roll Proceeding