Odra river basin district

International river basin district of the Odra

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The Odra river basin district represents the upper stretches of the international Odra river basin district (flowing into the Baltic Sea), where the main river in this river basin district springs - the Odra river.

The area of the International river basin district of the Odra:

Czech Poland German Total
7 217 106 057 5 587 118 861

Odra river basin district

The area covers 6,252 km2 and it is the smallest of eight river basin districts in the Czech Republic.
The Odra river basin district in the Czech Republic has a prolonged shape in the NW-SE directions. In the south-west, it borders along the watershed of the Baltic and the Black Sea on the area of the Moravia river basin and the Váh river basin. In the north-east it borders on the Polish side of the upper Odra river basin district and the Visla river basin and in the Polish Republic, it flows into the confluence of the Odra and the Olše in Bohumín. Some parts of the Odra river basin district flow by gravity into the Odra beyond the closing profile Bohumín in the Polish Republic, i.e. the Osoblaha, Bělá and Vidnávka rivers.

Click for view detail of picture! Despite its relatively small size, the Odra river basin district has great differences in the altitude. This is due to its position between the rock massif of the Hrubý Jeseník and the Beskydy mountains and its opening towards the north to the Silesian lowland. The Odra springs in the Oderské vrše at an altitude of 634 m a.s.l. and leaves the republic at an approx. height of 190 m a.s.l. In the south-western watershed which is at the same time the main European watershed of the Danube and the Odra, the altitude in the region of the Hrubý Jeseník reaches a maximum of 1,492 m a.s.l. (Praděd) and in the Beskydy mountains a max. of 1,323 m a.s.l. (Lysá hora). The highest vertical distance is this almost 1,300 m. Generally, it is an area with a great relief energy, as, for example, the difference in the altitudes in the Ostravice river basin between the highest (Lysá hora 1,323 m a.s.l.) and the lowest point (flows into the Odra) of this river basin measuring 35 km as the crow flies a total of 1,125 m.

Click for view detail of picture! The upper Odra river basin district consists mainly of smaller streams and it is located at the border of two important geographical units -the Czech Highlands and the Western Carpathians. The Odra and its main tributaries, the left-side Opava and Moravice and the right-side Ostravice and Olše, create the skeleton of the hydrographical network flowing into the Ostrava basin. The Odra stream in the Moravská brána creates the axis of boundary between the Czech Highlands and the Carpathians. The most important stream in the river network is the Odra, springing in the Oderské Vrše. From here it flows in the south-eastern direction and after approx. 55 km its route turns perpendicularly at the entrance to the Moravská Brána. From here it flows to the north-east to the Ostravská pánev and the state border with the Polish Republic. It creates approx. 8 km of the state border and it leaves the CR at Kopytov downstream the confluence with the Olše (district of Bohumín) at an altitude of 190 m a.s.l. The length of the Odra itself is 132.3 km in the Czech Republic, the length across the Polish Republic to the estuary into the Baltic Sea is 734.3 km.